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El otro lugar que anhelo

El otro lugar que anhelo, 2022 (solo exhibition)


As a Spanish-Hongkongese decendent, artist Yi Ten Lai Fernandez has created an installation that reflects on cultural miscegenation and the elusiveness of her Asian heritage, questioning the contrast between essential identity and performative identity. 


The Elsewhere that I Long For brings together objectual and performative works where tradition and ritual are combined to be observed and questioned, manipulated and commemorated, locating in this exhibition the space between image and object, body and time, diaspora and descent. This exhibition creates a space in which to reflect on the effects of national and cultural identities, and how they affect the sense of otherness and belonging.


Yi Ten Lai's approach to representation, ritual and craft in this exhibition invites us to look at the latent desires that still haunt the Asian diaspora.







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