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On the fugazity of colour, 2014 / 2015

On the fugazity of colour. A coloured transition. 2014 / 2015

 The italian composer Giacinto Scelci worked on the acoustic spectum of sound. He was interested on the harmonics of a single note. Between two notes, we can infinitely divide the interval. So we can with the interval between two colours. With this two pieces I try to generate an experience about this fractality of the light spectrum. I repeat the exercise of translating the acoustics into visuals with two different sounds (one from Scelsi’s Ko Lho and the other from a Tibetan bowl). I flood the room with a coloured light that flows with the sound. It is a perceptual work: the contrast is not simultáneous but consecutive in time. The spectator can lose any refference and get inmersed in the infinitesimal transitions.

Audiovisual instalation, variable dimension, 2014 /2015







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